"What is drama but life

with the dull bits cut out"

Alfred Hitchcock



I am a writer, producer director based in UK.

For the last ten years I have been working for UK and EU projects,

both documentary and drama.

I have experience in international co-productions, MEDIA and national funds.



I also enjoy adventuring in indie projects and I am gaining experience in managing,

producing and directing micro-budget films.






I'm an award winning Italian writer-director, producer and

co-founder of Decima Rosa in Italy and Freeside Films in the UK.

Born in Salerno, Italy, I am based in London.


I completed a post-graduate degree in writing for film and television at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and a diploma as a screenwriter and director at London Film Academy in London.


My first love was theatre and I worked as assistant director to Tato Russo at Teatro Bellini in Naples for several years.

I directed three stage pieces, including the Italian premiere of The Last Five Years in Rome in 2006.

I was Artistic Director of L'Officina a.p.s. in Trento (Italy) for over a decade, dealing with theatrical and new media shows and workshops.


I was associate producer of Tribeca awarded film The Nightshift Belongs To The Stars, featuring Nastassja Kinsky and Julian Sands (2012).

I produced and co-produced many films, screened at various festivals and broadcasted nationally and internationally, such as Conversazioni all'aria aperta (2012), Alps 2.0 (2014), Le rêve inachevé de Léonard de Vinci (2015), Must Alpinist (2016), Non si può vivere senza una giacchetta lilla (2016).

I am passionate for interactive documentaries and I have been working on many cross-media projects over the last few years, including Adrift (2014) winner as Best Interactive Factual at Sunny Side of the Doc.


In 2013 I directed my first feature length documentary 18KM and in 2016 my first feature lenght drama, A dancing jellyfish.

In 2018 I wrote and directed the SKY documentary series 68'Pop Revolution.





In love with cinema since ever.

Fond of stories and investigations.


Rocker and drummer at heart.





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